Preparing the Letter of Intent for your Special Needs Child


M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC is committed to educating families in an empathetic, non-threatening way as to the issues facing individuals with disabilities and their families. As a part of this commitment, we have developed a free workshop and seminar series which focuses on a number of different topics. One of these workshops focuses on leaving a guideline for your child’s caregivers to follow in the event of your death.

The “Preparing the Letter of Intent for your Special Needs Child” workshop walks families through the process of preparing the letter of intent. The letter of intent, also known as a letter of instruction, is a morally binding document that communicates your desires and concerns for your special needs child. In this letter, families can include important information such as vital statistics, the financial situation of the child with special needs, details about the child’s behaviors, preferences, what works and what does not work for your child, and a list of all pertinent documents and records. Families can also include a list of individuals that are important in the child’s life, as well as daily routines, favorite foods, etc.

Letters of intent can also contain information that isn’t exactly essential, but can be emotionally rewarding. For example, in this letter you can include information such as family history, the story of the parent’s first meeting, wedding, etc., and a communication of the parent’s hopes and dreams for the child.

Essentially, the letter of intent is to help caregivers and guardians effectively step into the shoes of the parent, which will ultimately help the child and the new caregiver cope with the loss, and go forward with their lives in the most positive way possible. This workshop will give you the tools necessary to complete your letter of intent for your family, and ensure that you communicate all the information needed to take care of your child after you are gone.

The “Preparing the Letter of Intent for your Special Needs Child” seminar is offered solely by request; for more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact us.


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