Overview of Residential Options & How to Plan Financially


It has always been challenging for adults with disabilities to find affordable, appropriate housing. Due to limited programs, housing supports and services, as well as limited physical housing space, individuals with disabilities in the US are finding themselves in the midst of a special needs housing crisis – there simply isn’t enough to go around.

The “Overview of Residential Options and How to Plan Financially” workshop is intended to help your family and family member with special needs combat the special needs housing crisis, and find affordable, accessible and appropriate housing and independent living options. Information is a powerful tool, and throughout the course of this presentation we teach you about the different housing options available to supply you with the information needed to make the best possible housing choice, and secure a living situation that suits the needs, wants, and dreams of your family member with special needs. We also provide examples of different housing models that individuals choose to pursue, and host a discussion of funding trends for adults with disabilities in regards to housing.

For the financial aspect of the presentation, we discuss how to maximize your resources, and federal and state benefits in a way that will allow you to fund the housing option for your individual with disabilities, and how to ensure that the housing needs of the individual are met for the duration of his or her lifetime.

The “Overview of Residential Options and How to Plan Financially” seminar is available through request only; for more information on this presentation, or to request the presentation in a venue of your choice, please contact us. We are willing to travel.


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This workshop is by request only. Please contact M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC is you would like this presentation at your location.