Estate Planning for the Family with Special Needs

At M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC, we realize how important it is to know that your family with special needs will be taken care off, financially and legally, after your death. We understand that estate planning can be an uncomfortable process, but we wish to emphasize how vital it is to lay a plan for the disbursement of your assets, properties, trusts, etc. in a way that ensures that your family can continue to meet their financial goals.

The “Estate Planning for the Family with Special Needs” workshop provides information and advice that you need to complete the estate planning process for your special needs family. Together with a special needs attorney, the staff of M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC discuss the key elements of estate planning. Throughout the presentation, key elements of estate planning as well as the various planning documents (i.e. wills, trusts, power of attorneys, living wills, HIPPA, etc.) will be defined and discussed. The workshop will also place a particular focus on the specifics of estate planning for the family with special needs; we will discuss topics such as guardianships, the establishment and funding of Special Needs Trusts, government benefits, funding options, and more. Those who attend this workshop will leave with a clear understanding of what needs to be done in terms of legal and estate planning to ensure the protection and continued security of their family with special needs after they are gone.

M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC, hosts the “Estate Planning for Families with Special Needs” seminar in various locations throughout the year. We are currently looking for new venues in which to present, and are willing to travel – if you or a family member would like more information, are interested in attending this free workshop, or would like to discuss hosting the workshop in a venue of your choice please contact us! We are also willing to travel.


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