We offer special needs consulting services to those who do not wish to complete a Comprehensive Special Needs Life Plan, but require guidance or help navigating specific special needs planning issues.

Some families may not want to complete a Comprehensive Special Needs Financial Life Plan, Needs Analysis Planning or Government Benefit Counseling, but would like to engage M&L for their expertise and guidance in some of the basics of special needs planning; for example–

  • reviewing existing documents
  • making recommendations for necessary legal and directives documents
  • beneficiary designations for all resources and/or assets such as retirement, insurance, investment and college portfolios
  • guardianship and/or less restrictive alternatives
  • concerns with tax and estate planning when dealing with special needs
  • explanation and guidance of Department of Disabilitiy Services (adult services) and Vocational Rehabilitation Services (employment)

Many families hire M&L for their expertise and guidance in transitioning and /or residential planning. With regards to transition planning M&L can provide guidance and direction with some of the better post secondary options and independent living programs in the country.

M&L possesses considerable experience evaluating existing special needs planning documents, especially in the role of providing a second opinion at critical decision points such as funding for services, guardianship, government eligibility, transitioning and/or residential living.

In addition, M&L is well adverse with the concept of adult services for individuals with disabilities who are 21/22 and above. We are able to guide families to their state’s Department of Disabilities, and also to their Vocational Rehabilitation Service agencies. Though each state is different, we are able to explain the concepts and what these specific departments are supposed to do for our loved ones. We are able to put families on the correct path to pursue what the individual with disabilities is eligible for.

Please note we are not attorneys. We work with an expert group of attorneys who specialize in planning for special needs. We also know of the best special needs attorneys in any state. Fees related to creating legal documents, advance directives, special needs trusts, applying for guardianship and pursuing payments for government benefits, etc. are billed separately by the law firm.