We collaborate and share information with other financial services professionals regarding financial planning and special needs services required by the special needs family.

Here at M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC, we are experts in the field of financial planning particularly special needs financial planning. Based on our personal experiences, as well as our years of experience creating financial plans for families with special needs, we also have a thorough understanding of the unique challenges that can arise when planning for families with special needs. Over the years we have gathered the knowledge necessary to help your family walk the path to a successful financial future.

We firmly believe that all financial services professionals have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients to understand the ramifications of special needs planning. However, we recognize that not everyone is an expert in this field – and that is where we come in. We can work with other professionals to provide special needs coaching on a number of issues related to finance, insurance, estate planning, transitioning and housing. We can also offer consultation services to professionals to ensure that the team helping you plan your family’s future is prepared for the specific needs of your family and family member with special needs.

As a part of our special needs consulting for  professionals who do not understand the various aspects of special needs planning, we offer technical advice and educate the professionals on the basics of special needs planning; we can also recommend what should and should not be done based on our knowledge of the field.

Our consulting services  are available to professionals outside the financial, insurance and real estate fields as well. For more information on how we can partner together, please contact us. We look forward to collaborating and working with other professionals to help you work with your clients who have special needs in their lives. Together we can meet the specific goals, realize dreams, and secure the best possible “today”, as well as the best possible “tomorrow” for your clients with special needs.


Please contact us to learn more about how we can partner together.