Individuals with disabilities typically begin preparing for employment through the
transitioning process, which occurs in high school. Here we have provided the websites of a number of organizations which provide employment services and supports for individuals with special needs. If you have any questions or would like additional information on employment services and supports, please contact us.

The Arc – Employment: The arc is a national organization that advocates for and provides services for individuals with disabilities. As a part of their roster of services, they offer transition planning, employment training and supported employment services. With over seven hundred branches, there is an Arc in each state and many counties have their own local branch.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR): Vocational Rehabilitation is a federally fund, state supported program that provides services, supports, and training for individuals with disabilities looking for employment. For a list of resources for Vocational Rehabilitation, please visit our VR information page.

DisaboomJobs: DisaboomJobs is the leading online resource for jobs for people with disabilities. These aren’t “disability” jobs, they’re ability, skill set and professional-expertise jobs. The companies represented here are, however, actively seeking to recruit and provide employment for people with disabilities as part of their inclusive workforce. Search among more than 600,000 jobs and/or career opportunities, create your profile, upload your resume, and showcase your skills to potential employers today. Jobs for people with disabilities is the goal for these employers – but they’re looking for your abilities, so here’s the place to showcase them.

Autism Speaks Family Services Employment Kit: Autism Speaks created this Employment Kit to help individuals with autism with their employment search. It has valuable tools and tips for finding a job. This employment kit can actually be used by any individual with a disability. Adults on the autism spectrum, have strengths and abilities that employers are just beginning to understand. Therefore, this guide helps an individual on the autism spectrum research, find and keep employment in the current, competitive labor market. The Autism Speaks Employment Tool Kit is the culmination of a process that began with the Autism Speaks Employment Think Tank in June 2012, which captured the current state of employment for adults with autism.