One of the most important issues that every family with special needs has to deal with is that of the health of their child with special needs. Figuring out which health care services are the best for you and your family is overwhelming – in addition to worrying about the cost of services and dealing with issues of affordability, parents also have to ensure that the services they choose will, ultimately, ensure the safety and continued good health of their children.

We have created a list of health care resources for special needs children and families that will provide you with the information necessary to make informed decisions; we have also provided links to a number of service providers that we feel make a positive difference in the life of children with special needs. If you have any questions, or would like more information about how to manage and plan for the health care of your child with special needs, please feel free to contact us!

Goodcare: Goodcare is a nationwide, independent consulting firm that specializes in the economics of healthcare. They provide expert assistance to people in all states of their lives to help them understand and select the best health insurance plans available today. They work strictly for YOU, and do not represent or sell any particular health plan. Their expertise is healthcare cost analysis tailored to your personal situation.

My Med Schedule: This website is a free, web-based program which lists all medications an individuals is taking. It has a reminder schedule, a printable chart, and is accessible and extremely user-friendly.

DocuBank: This web-based service provider provides immediate access to health care directives and emergency medical information anywhere, anytime. For more information on DocuBank, visit their website or read our blog posting on the topic, M&L Special Needs Planning & Docubank: “Secure Your Life”, Affordably. **Note: Those who sign up for this service via M&L Special Needs planning receive a 33% discount off retail price.

MedicAlert: MedicAlert provides 24 hour emergency medical information and identification services through the use of a bracelet I.D. There are several types of membership, and is primarily used for individuals with a chronic condition.