ILO Update: New Futures Initiative™ Training & Full Life Future Process™

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s blog post! As always, we really appreciate you taking the time to visit our website.

This past week has been a busy one at M&L as well as ILO! We have finalized the dates for round 3 of the New Futures Initiative™ training to add to the 15 ILO participating families who are busy creating communities in Washington, DC and Montgomery County, Maryland. We are also focused planning for a workshop hosted by M&L that will provide a progress update on ILO. If you would like to learn more about ILO and are thinking of possibly joining as a future participating family, we hope to see you on September 15th. Please read on to learn more!

New Futures Initiative™ Training Dates Finalized

Those of you that have been following ILO’s progress with creating intentional communities for adults with disabilities have already been introduced to the New Futures Initiative™ training process. As you may know, this program is designed to help families open doors to community-based supported living options within one’s own neighborhood. The program, a year-long process consisting of four workshops, teaches participants how to replicate CIF’s Community Living Option (CLO) housing model. To learn more about NFI training, please click here.

As of right now, M&L and ILO have already facilitated two complete NFI sessions; the first group of participating families completed the first round of NFI training in February and June 2014, with the second group of participating families finishing this past June. Since that time, M&L has been cultivating a waiting list of families that are anxious to take part in the third round of NFI training and join ILO’s growing network of Participating Families. Well, we are excited to announce that as of last week, the wait is over! We have finalized dates for Phase I of this training, to take place in Evanston, Illinois: February 11th & 12th, 2016.

As mentioned, we do have families registered for this session – we still have room for more, however! If you are interested in participating in the next NFI/ILO training, we would love to have you! Please contact for more information or to join. Furthermore, on September 15th, M&L is hosting a presentation on ILO, including a discussion of where the organization is today. Current participating families will be at this event, so it is an excellent opportunity to learn from those who have already completed this process. If you would like to attend this event, please click here to register.

Introducing Center for independent Futures’ Full Life Future Process™

ILO’s vision to build communities was inspired by both a need for independent, integrated, supported living opportunities for adults with disability, as well as the community building work that CIF has been doing in in Illinois and across the country. As you may be aware, (and as has been proven by CIF) an integral part of helping young adults with disability achieve independent living is ensuring that they have the skills necessary for independent living – and if they need to build those skills, it is vital that they are given the supports necessary to do so.

Recently, CIF introduced the Full Life Futures Process™, a comprehensive process that incorporates a “Listen, Look, and Learn” approach to helping individuals with disability achieve independent living. This approach involves listening to the individual (person-centered Planning), looking at the individuals skills and support needs (Skills Inventory – previously referred to as the Independent Living Readiness Inventory or ILRI), and learning, or, helping the individual to learn by using a customized skill training program (Skills Training). In addition to this, the process is fully supported by an online, interactive web-based application that “utilizes [CIF’s] person-centered approach and provides tools for setting goals, creating action plans, learning skills, and tracking progress toward an individual’s hopes and dreams.[i]

ILO, as inspired by CIF, plans to incorporate all the steps of the Full Life Future Process™ in the future. Currently, however, ILO will focus on the Skills Inventory (previously referred to as IRLI). For those families who have already participated in this process, nothing has changed except the name… the Skills Inventory still provides a blueprint of “skills to be learned, experiences to be obtained, or supports to be acquired to ensure a safe and productive independence.”

Would You Like More Information?

For more information on ILO and the work that this organization has been doing to build intentional, integrated communities for individuals with disabilities, please browse our blog archive or contact us! We would love to discuss ILO’s vision and long-term goals, and would welcome the opportunity to expand our network of participating families. For more information on CIF, please visit their website at – information specific to the Full Life Futures Process™ can be found by following this link.

Thanks again for dropping by – and don’t forget to register for the ILO Workshop on September 15th. We hope to see you there!


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