Securing Government Benefits for your Family Member with Special Needs: We Can Help

 March 5, 2015
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Thursday, March 5th 2015

At M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC, we understand the importance of securing government benefits for your family member with special needs. We know that these benefits and the accompanying health care services are essential to the long-term financial security of individuals with disability.

Because these benefits are so important, the staff at M&L has designed two services to help individuals with disability navigate the application process and ultimately secure these benefits – our government benefit workshop, titled Understanding SSI/Medicare and SSDI/Medicaid, and our Government Benefit Counseling service. We have also published a number of informative blogs and provided resources on our website relevant to this topic for families who seek to know more about these benefits and how to apply.

If you are interesting in learning more about these services or reading testimonials from those that M&L has helped in the past, please read on!

Government Benefit Workshop: Understanding SSI/Medicaid and SSDI/Medicare

Applying for government benefits can be a tricky and overwhelming process; often due to a lack of understanding (and a lack of clarity in government language) families often apply for these benefits without the proper documentation, and/or make errors during the process.

Our workshop, “Understanding SSI/Medicaid and SSDI/Medicare” was created to ensure that families have all the necessary information before beginning the process. Having this information and knowing the steps of the application process is incredibly important – families who are denied these benefits because of lack of documentation or errors often experience lengthy wait times before they can be reassessed, and may jeopardize their child’s eligibility.

During the course of this workshop, M&L describes what these government benefits are and what they entail, the amount of money an individual can expect to receive, and how to qualify and how to apply for these benefits. The workshop also covers transitioning between the two benefits, and how to keep Medicaid and Medicare without the benefits. Attendees will also learn a little about work incentive programs, and how to work and still receive benefits.

For more information or to register for this workshop or request that it is presented in a venue of your choice, please contact us.

Government Benefit Counseling

Our Government Benefit Counseling service is one of our most popular, successful and (from our perspective) rewarding services. It is intended to help you recognize and understand which public resources are available to help your family and your child with special needs. More importantly, through this service we help you access these funds by guiding you through the application process for these public resources.

That’s right! M&L will work with you and your family to ensure that you have the correct documentation, that your family member with special needs is indeed eligibly, and that you progress through the application process with no errors, and are ultimately successful in securing these benefits for your family member with special needs! And, in addition, we will also continue to work with your family to help your family member with special needs reach financial self-sufficiency; we do this by educating families on the advantages of working and increasing earnings, teaching about the various work incentive programs that exist, and showing individuals how they can work and still receive Medicare and Medicaid.

Here at M&L, we have also experienced incredible success with our Government Benefit Counseling service. Over the last three years, we have guided many families through this process, and we are incredibly proud to be able to say that we have experience a 100% success rate! Every single one of the families that we have guided through the application process has secured government benefits for their family member with disability.

For more information on the specifics of this service please click here, or contact us.

 Website and Blog Resources

At M&L, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our website is an incredibly informative (and free) resource on all topics related to special needs financial and life planning. To that end, we have included a number of different webpages on our site to ensure that visitors receive a comprehensive education on any special needs topics, including a statistics page, and resources page.

We also pride ourselves on publishing a weekly blog on relevant special needs planning topics; over the years we have posted a number of blogs focusing on government benefits in particular. For a comprehensive guide to SSI/Medicaid and SSDI/Medicare, please click here and here respectively. To learn how to protect these benefits in the long term, please click here. If you would like to access all blogs related to government benefits, select “Government Benefits” from the drop down menu titled Blog Categories on the right-hand side bar of our website.

If you are interested in receiving these weekly blog posts in your inbox, please subscribe to our blog. You will find this option on the right hand sidebar of the webpage, above “Recent Tweets”.

M&L Government Benefit Services Testimonials

Recently, Carney presented a government benefits workshop at Riverview School’s annual Transition Weekend. The presentation was an incredible success, and M&L received valuable and positive feedback. Here are a few examples of what the attendees of that workshop had to say:

“Very well organized with extremely helpful information.”

“Very helpful. She was knowledgeable, to the point, easy to follow, and full of important information.”

“The best presentation. She did an excellent job getting through her presentation first, and then enabling the audience to ask specific questions but she really made sure that the presentation was informative for the entire group most of the time. Extremely well done!”

For more testimonials, or to learn about our 100% success rate with our Government Benefit Counseling service, please contact us.

Would You Like More Information?

To learn more about how M&L can help your family member with special needs secure these valuable government benefits & keep them for the long term please contact us! As mentioned earlier, we have 100% success rate with this service! Our years of personal and professional experience have enabled us to develop a thorough understanding of how this process works, and we can guide you successfully through the process.

Thanks for stopping by today; we hope to see you next week for a discussion of alternative special needs housing options, focusing on housing options in the state of Florida. Have a great week!

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