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Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Hey everyone! We hope that everyone is having a fantastic and safe summer so far!

Last week, we published a blog celebrating the six month anniversary of our Independent Living Program and Housing Project Database. If you haven’t heard of this online housing resource, or haven’t had a chance to read the blog yet, please click here to see the post in full. At the end of that blog, we also mentioned that this week we would be publishing a post that discussed our upcoming Housing Update Workshop, taking place on July 23rd. Well, as we hate to disappoint (and we also really love to talk about communities for individuals with special needs) today we are going to provide the promised information update!

So, please join us and read on as we talk about the strides we have made so far in our special needs housing development project with Center For Independent Futures (CIF), our plans for expanding special needs community development into Maryland, Washington, D.C. and eventually Virginia, and explain exactly why it is so important that you register to attend our workshop next week.

M&L & CIF – Special Needs Community Development

As we wrote last week, M&L owner and Founder Maedi Tanham Carney CFP®, CWIC, first began to develop an interest in building communities for individuals with special needs as a result of her own search for housing for her daughter Ellie. Carney, who was initially surprised at the roadblocks that stood between her and the information she needed to make an informed decision, began to look into the special needs housing crisis, and decided that something needed to be done.

To begin, as we discussed last week, Carney and her team of experts developed the Independent Living Program and Housing Project database (click here to learn more).  As Carney delved deeper and deeper into the world of special needs housing, however, she decided that the database (while beneficial) simply wasn’t enough. She felt that there a significant lack of housing opportunities in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas to go around. She did notice, however, a plethora of interest from families and parents of children with special needs in the area – enough interest to seriously consider beginning a venture in creating and developing housing for individuals with special needs. From this realization, a new direction for M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC was born – community development for individuals with special needs.

M&L then teamed up with Center for independent Futures in Evanston, Illinois to facilitate a group of core families as they replicated the CIF’s Community Living Option Residences™ housing development model in Montgomery County, under CIF’s New Futures Initiative™. The first workshop was delivered in October of 2013, and introduced the concept to interested families. From that initial workshop, M&L became the official East Coast Representative for CIF, and has partnered with the organization to teach others how to replicate the CIF’s Community Living Option housing model in their own communities and neighborhoods.

To learn more about CIF, their Community Living Option residences, and the New Futures Initiative™, please click here to access our blog archive.

Housing Update Workshop: What Is It, and Why Should I Attend?

The housing update workshop will take place July 23rd, at the Treatment and Learning Center in Rockville, MD. (Click here for directions).

At this workshop, we will essentially be providing attendees with all the information that we have gathered and the steps that we have taken towards developing integrated communities to-date. We will also provide those who attend with a plan for how we will proceed in the future with this development project, and how we intend to expand to develop more special needs community development projects in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and (eventually) Virginia.

Specifically, attendees will be presented with:

-The Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Core Values behind the non-profit that will create the community living model. This includes a commitment to providing individuals with disabilities the choice and opportunity to live, work and play as fully respected members of their community.

-Information related to Washington, D.C and Maryland funding options, service providers, and state attitudes towards housing models.

– Information related to how M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC is facilitating the first core group in Montgomery County using CIF’s New Futures Initiative™ Community Living Option.

– How M&L plans to integrate more families in Montgomery County to begin a second core group and start the first core group in Washington, D.C.

– A presentation by the original group of five core families in regards to their experience with the development project so far, the plans to move forward with the current project, and their thoughts/advice related to special needs housing and communities.

– How M&L plans to evolve over the coming years to change the way that individuals with disabilities receive housing services, and how your child with disabilities may benefit from these new services.

M&L and our core group of families are joining together to create full life communities with supports and services for individuals with special needs; our goal is to establish communities with supports and services so adults with developmental disabilities can live and work in a safe and welcoming environment.

It is important for individuals to realize that the type of information contained in this seminar typically takes organizations/groups months, if not years, to assemble. M&L and CIF has condensed this process into a short workshop, followed by a training program for interested individuals, groups, and families. This group is striving to bring person-centered communities to Washington, D.C as we believe that this is truly the way forward when creating community living opportunities for individuals with special needs, and we have seen first-hand from visiting CIF housing models in Evanston that the individuals who live in these models live happy, fulfilled lives.

We cannot stress enough: if you are at all interested in the thought of developing communities for your child with special needs, then this is the workshop for you. If you would like to develop these community options in Maryland, we can help you join our second core group, and as mentioned we are beginning another core group for Washington, D.C that we are recruiting for. If you would like to start this community development project in another area of the country M&L, as a CIF representative, can also help you with this process.

Please contact M&L for more information or with any questions regarding this workshop – registration is currently open, and you can register online by clicking this link.

Would You Like More Information?

Our team of dedicated financial and life planning experts love talking about special needs planning and special needs community development. If you ever have any questions (no question is too small) or would like more information on any of the services that we provide, we would love to hear from you! We can be reached by email, toll-free phone, fax, and/or social media. As well, we recently published a blog that invited our readers to submit their questions on special needs planning topics. We will then address these questions in a blog post.

Thanks again for dropping by our blog today. Don’t forget to register for this housing workshop – it will be fantastic! Hope to see you all there.





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