Ask the Experts: M&L Staff Devote Future Blogs to Answering Your Financial and Life Planning Questions

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

When financial and life planning expert Maedi Tanham Carney CFP®, CWIC first opened the doors to M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC in 2009, she had a very simple list of goals.

Her first and primary motivation was to offer reliable, relevant, and – above all – empathetic services to individuals with disabilities and their families. As a parent of a child with special needs, Carney was and is familiar with the frustrations that come with every special needs journey. As a result, she wanted to ensure that M&L was a business that could be relied on not only for great service and financial advice, but also as an understanding and empathetic source of advice and camaraderie. Note: For a full list of services that M&L provides, please click here.

Carney’s second goal was to become a reliable source of information for all individuals with disabilities and their families. As a financial and life planner, Carney firmly believes that the first step to any successful plan is to access the correct information and resources – from day one at M&L, Carney has committed to being a source of information that families could turn to in times of uncertainty. The staff of M&L works every day to achieve that goal by designing and offering workshops and seminars on a variety of topics, updating resource lists and adding information on special needs planning topics to M&L’s website, and by writing and publishing a weekly blog and press release on a topic that is incredibly relevant to the special needs financial and life planning process.

Today, we are taking our commitment to being a source of information for families with special needs one step further – we are asking you, our readers, clients,and members of the general public, to let us know which topics we should write about next! Do you have any burning questions about special needs financial or life planning? Have you been meaning to research the next item on your special needs planning checklist, but haven’t quite had the time to get around to it? Let us do the work for you! Send in your questions or topic requests, and a member of M&L staff will research it for you, and answer via our weekly blog. Please read on for more details about how you can ask a question, what sorts of questions we will answer, and when you can expect your question to receive a response. We look forward to hearing from you!

How Can I Ask My Question?

There are a number of ways for you to ask your question; if you are browsing through our library of published blogs, and would like to know more about a topic that we have already written about, please feel free to leave the question and your email in the comments section of that blog. You can reach us using the contact form on the contact webpage of our website, or you can send your questions to us through email submission ( or fax (202-248-7635).

Or, if you would prefer, look us up on social media – you can link to our Facebook, Twitter, and G+ accounts on our website – feel free ask your question there! Please remember to leave an email address when asking a question, as we will use this email to notify you when your response has been posted.

What Sorts of Questions Can Be Asked?

The answer to this question is very simple – you can ask us anything! Have you been curious about how Special Needs Trusts work? Are you unsure of where to turn to for advice on how to help your child with special needs transition from high school to adulthood? Would you like some information on how to access independent living programs in your state? Are you wondering if you have enough insurance? These are just a few examples of the types of questions that we answer for our clients on a daily basis; honestly – ask us anything. If we can’t help you, then we can certainly point you in the right direction!

It is important to remember, however, that the advice and information that we provide will be in the most general sense. Every family has a unique set of circumstances, and as such it would be virtually impossible to provide a one size fits all answer to a particular question. If you are interested in specific information, or an answer/advice that has been tailored to fit your own unique set of circumstances/financial situation, please feel free to contact us, or browse our services page.

How Will My Question Be Answered?

Once your question has been received, a member of M&L staff will notify you via email,add your email to our subscription list and add your question to a list of topics. Once your question has been added to the list, it will then be researched and will be answered either as a stand alone blog topic – with reference to the specific question being asked – or in combination with a number of similar questions, depending on the complexity. You will then be notified via our email subscription list as to when the blog is published, and which questions will be answered in that blog

When Can I Expect An Answer?

M&L publishes a blog once a week; as a result, the minimum waiting time is one to two weeks after your question has been submitted to receive an answer. The maximum waiting time for questions will depend entirely on the volume of submissions that we receive, however we will do our very best to answer your question as fast as we possibly can!

If you are anxious for an answer to your question, the best advice we can give you is that you ask early. The faster we receive your question, the higher on the list it goes and the earlier we post your answer – so, get typing!

More Information?

Please feel free to contact M&L for any further information, to offer suggestions, or to book an appointment for one of our services. As mentioned, we are financial and life planning experts, and we offer a plethora of services aimed at helping families with special needs plan successful futures.

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit us today! We are really excited about this new project, and we hope that we have provided you with one more method of gaining access to the important and valuable information that you need to make informed, successful decisions. So, get those questions in asap!

See you next week!


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