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Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Here at M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC we are pleased to say that our Independent Living Program and Housing Project database is officially up and running! The database came online on November 11th – if you haven’t subscribed already, please visit the Housing tab on our website to learn all about our project, and find information on joining our member directory.

If you have subscribed, I’m sure you are aware of all the incredibly useful features we have incorporated into the database – one of the features that we are the most proud of is our notification feature. The staff of M&L have committed to consistently updating and adding new housing information to this database. Users (individuals who are a part of the member directory) have the option of selecting the Notification Feature, and therefore will be notified of all changes, additions, edits, etc. that we make to the programs listed. Users will also be notified if any new housing options or independent living programs are added.

We love this feature, as it allows us to guarantee that everyone in our Member Directory is up-to-date with all of the latest housing news and developments.  And, as a part of our commitment, we are already searching for and researching new housing programs to add to this database. We have recently come across a special needs housing development project in New Hampshire that we will be adding to the database as soon as more details are released: here is a sneak peek!

Special Needs Housing Development: Concord, New Hampshire

We all know that special needs housing is in crisis mode. There are many, many factors that contribute to this crisis; however, the lack of physical housing space suitable for individuals with disabilities is one of the primary reasons for the shortage of special needs housing.

Last week, the New Hampshire Housing Board of Directors took a step towards improving that by granting a $500,000 loan to develop special needs housing units. This loan will be used by Concord Housing + Redevelopment to renovate and create additional housing space in an existing housing center  – the John F. Kennedy public housing complex – in Concord, NH. The funding comes from the New Hampshire Housing’s Special Needs Program, a program which is designed to provide financing for projects serving populations that need more supportive services than are typically provided in traditional rental housing.

The renovations include converting old office space and an abandoned theatre into one bedroom, handicap accessible units. The apartment complex currently contains 82 units, and is close to local services such as Riverbend Mental Health and Community Bridges. The new accessible housing, which will be called Thompson Square Apartments, will be located near the building’s community space and counseling offices.

According to John Hoyt, the Executive Director of Concord Housing, redevelopment and renovation is an important part of the solution to the special needs housing crisis – in a press release announcing the new development, Hoyt spoke of the importance of creating new special needs housing space.

“Redevelopment is essential as we try to find ways to help people with disabilities find quality housing in Concord,” said Hoyt. “The need for adequate housing is overwhelming. At Concord Housing + Redevelopment we work every day to find solutions for accessible housing, which is why we are thrilled to be turning otherwise unused space into one bedroom apartments for disabled individuals. With these apartments, all amenities are accessible and their proximity to services is excellent.”

For more information on this housing development, or housing in New Hampshire in general, please visit the New Hampshire Housing’s website,

Need More Information? Stay tuned to our Housing Database!

Thompson Square Apartments is just one of many housing developments and/or leads that we will be following over the next few months. As of right now, no information has been released in regards to the opening date of these housing units, the rental fees, or specifics of the apartment themselves. We will be adding this information to the database once it is released.

If you have any questions about our Independent Living Program and Housing Project database, housing for individuals with special needs, or any other special needs planning related issue, please do not hesitate to contact us! We love to hear from you – also, check out our workshop series, which covers a number of very important financial and life planning topics.

Thanks for dropping by today! Join us next week for a discussion of the “not in my backyard” phenomenon, and the ways in which it affects the development of special needs housing.

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