Aid for Families with Special Needs

Aid for Families with Special Needs. Experts guide families through process.

By Marilyn Campbell
The Almanac January 25, 2012

Special Needs Planning

Hillary Schulman, Javier Arguello and Maedi Tanham Carney,CFP host free financial planning workshops to help families with special needs. Photo by Marilyn Campbell/The Almanac.

Maedi Tanham Carney,CFP says her oldest daughter was born with medical and cognitive issues that would prevent her from living independently. Like many parents of children with special needs, Carney worried about what would happen when she was no longer able to care for her child.“Throughout the years the issue that has consumed me was how to prepare for her long-term financial needs,” said Carney of M&L Special Needs Planning. To help other parents who are in similar situations, she partnered with Potomac resident Javier Arguello to host free financial planning workshops for families with special needs. The workshops are designed to provide information such as special needs trusts, estate issues, legal issues and guardianship. Families are guided through the process of developing a financial planning guideline and are taught the difference between traditional and special needs financial planning.“People with special needs [require] this more than any other,” said Arguello. “Two things that we try to do is raise awareness of the resources that are available to people … and simplify all of the information that is out there.” Carney says the workshops are important because often families become overwhelmed. “It is like working a second full-time job,” said Carney. “With the internet there is some much information out there that you could just shut down and not even deal with it because you don’t know where to turn.” The next workshop is scheduled for early February. For more information:

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