A Few Tips to Help You Find the Information You’re Looking for on Disability.gov

 November 1, 2011
Posted by M&LAdmin4

1. Visit our “How to Use This Site” section for an overview of different ways you can locate the information you need.

2. Go to the “I want to” section on Disability.gov’s homepage. It’s located just to the right of “News & Events.” You’ll find information about these and other subjects:

3. Looking for information about programs and organizations closer to home? Visit Disability.gov’s “Information by State” section. Choose your state, and then pick a subject area from the center of the page, for example, housing, benefits, education, etc.

4. Use Disability.gov’s search located in the upper right corner of every page of the site. Type in a word or phrase that describes what you are looking for information about, for example, housing, autism, Social Security disability, etc. If you get too many search results, go to “Narrow My Results” on the right side of the page. Check one or more of the boxes to narrow your search by topic, audience or your state. Then click on search again.

5. Choose one of the ten topics listed under “Information by Topic” on the left side of every page, for example, Benefits, Employment, Housing, etc. Then browse through the topic folders under each section.

6. Visit Disability.gov’s Site Map for an overview of how all the information on the site is organized, with quick links that take you right to each section.

Disability.Blog is another good source for information. You’ll find discussions and commentaries about benefits and employment, resources for caregivers, and education information for students, parents and teachers. Social media users can follow Disability.gov on Facebook and Twitter. Also, be sure to check out Disability.gov’s newsletter, Disability Connection. The October 2011 issue was released just a few days ago.

Remember, Disability.gov is a web “portal.” This means that Disability.gov is a central point of access to comprehensive disability-related information on many different subjects. The resources on Disability.gov (more than 14,000 of them) come from hundreds of highly regarded government and private sector sources, many in your state. Information on the site is updated every day, so each time you visit Disability.gov, you’ll find new resources on everything from Social Security, to employment, to finding affordable and accessible housing.


We hope this information helps you benefit from the many resources that Disability.gov offers.

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