Draft Registration at www.sss.gov

 August 26, 2011
Posted by M&LAdmin4

All 18-year old males are required to register for the draft. If you look up information about how to register, you will be advised either go to the Post Office and fill out a draft registration form, or, to go this website, www.militarydraftregistration.com. Be aware, this military draft website is a third-party service provider and they charge a $25 fee to register. However, if you go directly to the Selective Service System website at www.sss.gov, you can register for free.
Also, the Selective Service System has a special tab to answer the question of whether teens with autism are required to register, and yes, they are required to register. If they are ever called up for military service they will undergo a physical and mental evaluation which, presumably, would result in their being ineligible to serve.

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