Stunning Prevalence Figures Revealed

 July 17, 2011
Posted by M&LAdmin4

Dr. Young Shin Kim of Yale Child Studies Center has conducted a new autism spectrum prevalence study that has determined a prevalence of 1 in 38 students.
A study in South Korea, led by Yale Child Studies Center expert Dr. Young Shin Kim, who is a native of South Korea but trained in both the US and Korea, has shown a prevalence rate of 2.64%, which is about 1 in every 38 individuals! This is a remarkable study that examined an entire target population of 55,000 children in a suburb of Seoul using state-of-the art screening and diagnostic instruments. According to co-author and MAAP Board Member, Bennett Leventhal, MD, “While we must await replication of the study to be fully confident in the numbers, we think it is likely the prevalence will be very similar in other countries and cultures.” Perhaps the most important finding of the study was that about 2/3’s of the children with ASD were in regular education schools and had not been previously diagnosed and provided services.

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