M&L Special Needs Planning Letter of Intent Introduction Letter

 August 23, 2010
Posted by M&LAdmin4

One of the most important documents we need to create for our family member with special needs is the Letter of Intent. This is a non legal binding document that is created and updated every year for the chosen caregiver in case he or she needs to slip into our shoes. I thought you would be interested in reading my introduction letter for M&L Special Needs Planning Letter of Intent. If you would like one of our CDs please email me. Enjoy.


When couples decide to start a family it is such an exciting and beautiful time in life. We all look forward to meeting the new addition to our family whether it is our first or fifth child. However, some of us realize at birth or soon thereafter our baby is not just right and we slowly start adjusting the hopes and dreams for our family and now our special needs child. We begin to understand our new reality of having a special needs child. I brought my baby home four days after birth and started the journey in the special needs world. From day one, I did everything the professionals told me to do and more. I am still listening, pushing the envelope and believing. We take one day at a time.

Regardless of how we all got here, the most important people in our child’s life are the parents or caregiver(s) of the special needs child. We are the ones who grieve over what is, cheer at all the milestones, and take the children to the endless hours of therapies, testing, appointments, IEP meetings, support groups. We learn about transition and residential living, and advocate advocate and advocate. We are the loudest voices for our special needs children. We want the absolute best for our children and we do whatever it takes to get there. We know what our child likes, dislikes, what their strengths and weaknesses are.

What if we are suddenly gone? Who will be you and know what you do for your child? As I say all the time, nothing can happen to me because no one knows Ellie and can do what I do for Ellie, but what if…

Hence, the M&L Special Needs Planning Letter of Intent – The road map for someone else to walk in your shoes. This document stipulates in words what you do for your child presently, your values, and your vision of your child’s future. This document allows you to share all that you have done for your child and what you see for his/her future.

The Letter of Intent has it all written out: goals, objectives, desires and concerns. All the knowledge that the parents control – the intangibles – the life decisions and direction you wish your child to be guided towards. The Letter of Intent also has the tangible information: the biographical, family, personal, medical, financial, legal and government benefit information. Fill in what is pertinent and leave the rest behind. If you know definitely who your future caregiver(s) will be, sit down with him/her and go through this Letter of Intent and answer the questions. Remember, it is imperative to have a second caregiver in place in case of unforeseen circumstances that prevent the original caregiver from fulfilling the role. We strongly recommend annually updating this information on your child’s birthday and share the changes with the future caregiver(s).

This Letter of Intent is one way to begin and continue to stay updated in the special needs planning process. All the basic information and the goals, objectives, desires and concerns are here. We as parents tend to delay this process, and at M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC, we are here to help you complete the Letter of Intent with this CD-ROM. All you need to do is fill in the blanks. Start with us at the workshop then call for a private meeting to help complete it. We will call to see how you are doing and help keep this critical planning guide up to date. Keep a hard copy and a copy on your computer. This document may be one of the most important things you do for your special needs child. I know it is for me. Take your time and do it right because once we are gone, there will not be the opportunity to change your vision and values, and share who your special needs child.


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