Living with a Special Needs Child


“How could I admit to anyone – much less myself – that you were not only the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me … but also the most exhausting, the most overwhelming?” Jodi Picoult Handle with Care


Nobody can possibly understand what it means to raise a special needs child unless you are a parent or sibling of the special needs child. One can sympathize but it is hard to believe one can truly emphasize. My family loves us but they can go about there own business and will never be the ones who carry the weight of worry about Ellie and her future.


This summer Ellie had her second kidney transplant surgery. My sisters were at the hospital but they had no idea what was going through my head. It was wonderful having them there, but all I could think about was what the other side of the operation will look like. Will everything be okay this time? Will Ellie's dad be okay after the surgery? After just eight months since Ellie's first transpant Ellie experienced a series of operations and two months of dialysis. In July Ellie was having her second kidney transplant with her dad as the donor. Here we were at it again!


Now almost three months later we can finally breath but for how long? All the numbers have been  perfect. Last week Ellie had a sonogram on the tranplanted kidney and it was a beautiful site. I cannot read sonograms but I saw colors of a Christmas tree which meant great flow of all kinds. It is amazing what can make a radiologist so excited. However, deep in my mind I can never let go that twinge of fear.


Nothing drives me more crazy than going to a seminar and the presenter 's experience with special needs is "a friend of a friend's sister was born with autism or my Uncle's girlfriend has kidney issues" Unless you are living with some sort of special needs, others can sympathize but there is a difference of understanding by living with it.  


At M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC we help families properly plan for the future of the special needs child and the family as a whole. Our past experiences, personal knowlegde, and professional expertise have enabled us to make a difference in the financial needs of many families. Because we are living with special needs, we truly understand the specific financial planning life issues of the special needs family.


We look forward to working with your family. Please come to our workshops.

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