My Story


In May
1993, I had my first child at GW Hospital in Washington DC. Ellie was
immediately diagnosed with a syndrome called OFD Type 1. Oral-facial-digital
(OFD). Ellie’s OFD was created by a gamatic mutation. With this syndrome there
are many medical and cognitive challenges. At the age of 15 Ellie had a kidney
transplant and we continue to have medical challenges.

This was
the beginning of an unexpected journey that had no roadmap. Ellie is now sixteen
years and attends a special needs school in Montgomery County.

working as a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) and being Ellie’s true
advocate, I have gained a unique understanding of the challenges facing special
needs families. Because of this experience, I have decided to devote my life
and career to helping others prepare and plan for each stage of life from
diagnosis through the inevitable death of the main caretaker. 

I sincerely
hope others can learn from me and that I can help alleviate some of the fear,
grief and worry.

 With this
in mind, I have developed a series of workshops to share my knowledge in an
organized fashion.
Click here to view these workshops. 

I look
forward to hearing your stories and questions.

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