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Please check out our independent living program and housing data base. It has over 800 entries and growing every day. Please note if you know of another program, some information needs updating or there is an error, email us at info@specialneedsplanning.net and we will make the change immediately. With your help and our own continuous research and updating, we will continue to fine tune the data base so it can be the very best it can be. Download Housing Brochure



Maedi Tanham Carney CFP© CWIC and a group of families established a 501c3-certified nonprofit called Integrated Living Opportunities (ILO) for the Maryland and Washington DC area. ILO’s mission is to help families create intentional communities to facilitate networks of support for adults with disabilities enabling them to live independently. ILO will do this by developing teams of paid and unpaid individuals for our self-advocates as they move out of their family houses and into their own homes. These teams will help the individuals maintain their skills and develop new ones, maximize self-direction, and be full participants in the wider community. Please contact Maedi Tanham Carney CFP© CWIC, ILO’s founder, President of the Board, and CEO for more information. Also information is posted on M&L blogs.

We hope you find our website a resource to help with navigating the world of the family with special needs. M&L Special Needs Planning is dedicated to creating simplicity with the complex journey of special needs. It is our vision to be the known resource and go-to company for special needs life plans, government benefit counseling, life insurance needs, housing and seminar presentations.


M&L Special Needs Planning’s mission is to educate families in an emphatic, methodical, non-threatening way. We do this by providing workshops and creating financial security with comprehensive special needs life plans and government benefit counseling for the individual with special needs, siblings and parents. We invite you to explore our Workshop Series where you will find a myriad of information, from Navigating the Financial World of the Family with Special Needs to Understanding SSI/Medicaid & SSDI/Medicare and much more.


We work with families on a national basis Please contact us to learn more about how we can partner together. in addition, we will present our workshops at your venue upon request.


We are Certified Financial Planners

The CFP® certification is a voluntary certification; no federal or state law or regulation requires financial planners to hold CFP® certification. It is recognized in the United States and a number of other countries for its (1) high standard of professional education; (2) stringent code of conduct and standards of practice; and (3) ethical requirements that govern professional engagements with clients. Currently, more than 62,000 individuals have obtained CFP® certification in the United States.



Nearly 54 Million Americans cope with special needsand the rising associated expenses, according to the National Organization on Disability.

69% of families say they are very concerned about being able to provide lifetime care for their dependents with special needs
. MetLife’s Survey Torn Blanket 2005 study & updated in 2011.78% do not have any form of Comprehensive Special Needs Financial Life Plan. Autism Statistics.
People with a financial plan are more optimistic about their financial future than those without a plan
. 95% of the people who have a financial plan believe the benefits outweigh the costs. Statistics from Trends in Consumer Behavior.More Statistics


“We have done so many things we first heard about from your seminar, including a new will, a special needs trust set up by my parents, communicating with all family members about not leaving money to our child, our own special needs trust, and now a 2nd to die life insurance policy to fund the trust.” – Barry Lotenberg, Arlington, Virginia

“Thank you for conducting the very informative and timely workshops this year. I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so. My biggest take-away was “what you don’t know can hurt you.”read more

“It goes without saying, my words cannot express the heartfelt thanks we have in our appreciation for your funding of the Financial Assessment Planning Program for TLC that allowed our family a complete financial review and strategy planning from Maedi Tanham Carney, CFP founder of M&L Special Needs Planningread more

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